Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy


There were lots of crazy plans thrown around (the acolytes seemed a bit distracted…..) Trix and Xanthia spent some time working out how many weapons they could hide about themselves along with some lewd comments from Mir. Xanthia managed 3 daggers and a las pistol, Trix managed two knives (one in her hair) and a sharpened ring.

Trix and Xanthia moved into the court without any great issue and bumped into some folks they met at Lady Borellas party (including the lady herself), they were subjected to a brutal example of spurring with a lower hiver being stabbed with a power sword for the finale.

The rest of the time was spent wandering around and mingling with guests, Mir however decided to stay back at house Strophes and use the comms to listen in on what was happening at the court. After some problems with his micro bead Mir moved down to the plaza and blended in with the locals, taking refuge in a local coffee shop.



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