Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy


The Party's Over

The party at Alabaster Court continued and Xanthia and Trix were doing the rounds, enjoying the food and drink and trying to discern what was going on with Mir sat listening in a nearby cafe.

Caros Shoal arrived around 11pm and swept into the Court surrounded by his entourage of good looking young counsellors. Lady Borella intercepted him and directed him directly towards Xanthia and Trix who were suitably charmed by him, unfortunately the conversation was short as he moved on to greet other guests. Trix and Xan moved up to a balcony area to scope out the party and see if anyone was following Shoal, not long after a large Monk swept through the courtyard making a beeline for Shoal. Trix and Xan relaying what was happening to Mir moved down to follow and listen in.

They discern on the way that the Monk is actually someone called Theodosia a counsellor of Shoal. Both Trix and Xan notice a limp and then the slightest glint of metal under the robes. The discussion between Shoal and Theodosia starts to get heated and Shoal shouts something about making people at Ambulon City a lot of money before a clearly angry Theodosia drags him off down some stairs.

Trix noticed her link to the Empyrean was weaker near to the stairs, however it picked up the further way she got, they summised it was some sort of dampening field. At the same time Trix tried a pirouet that failed spectacularly, luckily Xanthia caught her but the dress was ruined. The pair spent some time attempting unscuccessfully trying to engage in converstaion with the counsellors and get down the stairs to see whats going on. After nearly succeeding on one, another intervened and they were politely sent on their way. The pair then set off to explore and try and find Lady Borella to help solve the dress situation.

In the meantime Mir gets chatting to a drunk noble from the trading house Xerxes, he didnt get much information out of him other than confirming that Shoal should have given a sermon at the party.

Eventually after doing some exploring and finding various meditation type rooms and finding guards or locked doors by all the major stairways, the ladies are escorted to the door by some kind guards and the party winds up, in the car ride back to House Strophes the acolytes summise that Psykers are being killed to create Farcosia and it has something to do with Theodosia and Ambulon, they also suspect that Theodosia is the assassin that killed Orday.

The acolytes request an audience with Laurent and Julia in the morning and then retire for the night.


Not sure how to use this..but here goes!

To zanthia and Mire, I think we should update Zeebra with an urgency, as to our cover been blown and how kind laurent has been to us. Also updating him on Laurent’s suggestion on introducing us to a contact of his from Ambulon city….Trix


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