Following the end of your mission you are led down through the decks of what you learn is the ‘Emperors Hammer’; a cruiser which took part in the destruction of the Twilight. As you pass the occasional view port swirls of brilliant colour flash into existence in the near distance as debris from the destroyed hulk flares against the ships energy shields. The sergeant assigned to escort you explains that the ship needs to stay on station for a further day to ensure there are no further warp disturbances before you can be transported back to Bastion Serpentis.

Eventually you are conveyed down to the medical bay where a series of attendants see to your wounds, your kit is removed and an orderly informs you it will be cleaned, repaired and returned to your quarters, you are offered food and drink and treated with more respect than you have previously encountered.

Xanthia is prescribed some sedatives to try and calm her down as she continues to perceive threats where there are none and eventually has to be restrained by Mir after throwing an orderly across the room for trying to give her the injection. Mir refuses to relinquish his weapon and sets to cleaning it with an almost fanatical vigour muttering to himself all the while, whilst terrified medical staff attempt to examine him. Trix by far the most injured of your group is treated with a mix of fear and respect by the medical team as they begin work on her wounds and painstakingly remove each xenos splinter, you see them noticeably flinch whenever she looks in anyone’s particular direction.

Upon return to your billets you find your kit piled neatly on the bed, ammo resupplied, weapons repaired and cleaned along with a coded data slate from Inquisitor Zebre. Unlocking it with your thumbprint, it conveys his thanks and congratulations on a job well done, he has been contacted by one Brother Sergeant Agamorr who confirmed that the relics were handed over to Inquisitor Vaarak and that you were all suitably reticent in relinquishing such important artefacts even to a Space Marine. Furthermore the Brother Sergeant has offered his services to your team if he is available; in the future. You have roughly a day to yourselves as the ship completes its circuit of Scintilla and returns you to Bastion Serpentis.

Upon arrival you are treated with considerably more deference than on your last visit. Rather than being separated you are interviewed collectively, with Xanthia still jumping at shadows and Mir still cleaning his weapon; there is a degree of concern evident on the face of the interrogator conducting the debrief, he appears to permanently have his head cocked to one side as though trying to hear something while asking each of you various questions about your mission.

The badge that was sewn into Forlans jacket raises some interesting questions as it bears great resemblance to a symbol on a fragment of document that Agamorr retrieved from the body of a Dark Eldar before running for the escape pods. You are thanked for returning it and hear no more on the matter.

You are informed that you are required to stay on station and you have a week to undertake suitable intensive training in an area of your choosing (let me know what you would like to attempt) .

You are also informed that at the end of the week you will be flown into orbit to the Rogue Trader Verdant Glory; mastered by Chartist Captain Baltis Mecather and on arrival you will receive the details of your next mission. All that you are told is that you will be returning to Hive Sibellus on Scintilla at the personal request of Inquisitor Vaarak who was extremely impressed with your performance despite the loss of his own team, you are also told you will be going into deep cover as part of the mission and suitable training will be provided once on-board the Verdant Glory.

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