Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy

The Party Continues

…. Trix decided to take Lyra to the ladies room to get her nose sorted out, Lyra was happy to chat to Trix and despite referring to her as a pilgrim and her coloquial ways seemingly she was not intending to cause offense. Sweeping back out into the room, Trix attempted to copy Lyra’s lithe swaying walk and succeeded in catching her heel on her dress and falling spread eagled out onto the floor. Lyra dissapeared into the crowd at impressive speed.

Xanthia and Mir had gravitated to the bar to eavesdrop on Verence and his entourage and they were approached by Lady Tanae Borella who proceed to ask them about their pilgrim ways and how things were done in the far reaches of the sector. She was quite interested in the fact that Xanthia had trade contacts, although not so much in what she dealt in and she advised her to talk to Abroag. Mir attempted to impress with his fantasic knowledge (or not) of jewellery by examining one of her earings, despite not having a clue what it was worth both Mir and Xanthia commented on its quality although clearly she realised they weren’t particularly knowledgeable.

At around this time Trix had made her entrance so Mir and Xanthia went over to pick her up off the floor and the 3 of them decided to dance. Trix remembered her training but unfortunately Mir and Xanthia forgot where they were and reverted back to type with some dancing that raised more than a few eyebrows in the room. Trix realised what was going on and told them to sort it out which they did only to forget herself what she was doing and dancing like a drunken rag doll.

Thankfully the waiters rescued the acolytes with some timely drinks and a curious looking purple drink. Lady Borella raised a toast “Enjoy yourselves for delight is pleasing to the Emperor”. All three acolytes instead of drinking watched the other guests, it was noticeable that the older ones didn’t drink while the younger ones knocked theirs straight back.

At this point Trix freaked out and threw her glass clean across the room before screaming “its alive” over and over again while holding her head. Mir grabbed her and clamped his hand over her mouth to stifle her cries but it was too late, the entire room was watching, in particular Abroag and Borella were whispering furiously and not looking at all suprised at the outburst. The other guest who was paying more than a passing interest was the indeterminate gendered Sipirit Daneen whom none of the acolytes had spoken to.

Eventually Mir and Xanthia escorted Trix from the room at which point she almost immediately calmed down. On reflection Trix informed the others that the drink was Farcosia the drug the nobles have been taking and that it had a warp signature, something that shouldn’t be possible, she said it was reminiscent of a sentient being.

They decided to leave the party and arrived back at the Strophes residence around 2am where they discussed the goings on of the evening, no one could fathom what Trix’s insight meant and eventually went to sleep.

The next morning they were visited by Laurent Strophes himself who informed them that Orday had been in touch. He was clearly concerned about how nervous Orday had been, but he had asked to meet the acolytes in the The Hustle an area of the middle hive something akin to a rough marketplace. They were to bring the money in a small case and only one person should approach him.

Strophes asked what they were trading for and after being told mentioned that the data would certainly be of value to him. He advised the acolytes that they could go fully geared and armed but should keep their weapons hidden for as long as possible.

Trix went off to research Farcosia and Verence in the library while Trix and Mir got ready, a rather nervous servant arrived and stammered a lot about not being dressed correctly before running off to get his senschal. The seneschal advised the acolytes that they would need to leave the estate incognito and provided bags for their gear, Xanthia was clearly not happy. He then set off to get Trix and tell her it was time to get ready to head to the Hustle.

If you are reading this you can have 300xp for the last couple of sessions!


It started with a hangover, well at least as far as Xanthia and Flair were concerned, in Flairs case this was accompanied with a lot of pain.

Trix awoke early and arranged to break fast with Laurent where she brought him up to speed with the evenings events, he reprimanded the group for wandering round the house at night and forcing him to deactivate some of the gun servitors. He was clearly not impressed but agreed to allow the acolytes to use the Astropathic Choir to send a message back to the inquisition on how things were going.

Mir awoke next and decided it would be interesting to throw a bucket of cold water onto an assassin, Xanthia as expected attempted to kill him following the rude awakening and eventually threw him out of her room.

An invitation arrived later in the morning requesting all the Strophes to attend a Soiree beind held by Lady Tanae Borella at her residence. The rest of the day was spent sorting out suitable attire and Julia explained that Lady Borella was a prominent member of the Joyous Choir and that they should also be aware that they might witness spurring first hand. She warned them not to react so Mir suggested joining in, which was not greeted well by Xanthia and Trix.Flair was given serious medical treatment for his injuries the night before and advised to attend the party as Lady Drustillas personal rembrancer. Trix spent some time in the library at House Strophes and identified the following nobles as listed missing since the Joyous Choir formed in Hive Sibellus.

*Flavion Draken
*Novus Dorn
*Pratia Lethe
*Gallia Jezail

She couldn’t find anything further out about the joyous choir.

The party started well with Julia introducing them to the prominent guests and Trix and Flair, Xanthia and Mir split up to talk to various people.

Mir targetted Mylene Trun and discovered from her that a lot of young nobles in the Joyous Choir were doing some sort of drug, she also mentioned that a Carlos Shoal had a personal congregation at the Alabaster Court.

Trix spent some time observing various conversations with Flair in tow before going to speak to Lord Raephen Verence. It turned out he was friends with the sector commander and mentioned something about some terrorists on Sepheris Secundus that the Arbites were unable to contain.

Xanthia in the meantime had moved on to talk to Counsellor Cort Abroag. Dropping the hint that she was wealthy go thim to reveal he is a high ranking member of the Joyous Choir and that he was key to introducing people and helping them on the path to become “True”.

Mir and Xanthia both then moved over to Verence, unfortunately some of his hangers on a Lyra Kadis was less than polite and this resulted in Xanthia ‘accidently’ elbowing her in the face. Mir went to help by pinching her nose, unfortunately he also took the opportunity to help himself to her rear which resulted in a large slap.

The party coninues…..


The session opened with a punch being thrown at Mir who in typical style casually avoided it before nonchantly punching the ruffian in the arm hard enough to make him step back. The ruffian then tried to throw a punch at Flair through the curtain which didn’t go well and ended up with him wrapped in the thing and staggering around. Mir then stepped up and sent a staggering uppercut into his gut.

At this point the ruffians friends joined the fray and a full on bar fight ensued. The fight dragged out for sometime with punches being thrown and blocked, Flair unfortunately not being a fighter came out worse and was only saved from a severe pumelling by Xanthia stepping in to rescue him. Adopting an archaic and somewhat comical boxing stance the Adept landed a stunning blow with a right hook, alas the wall was not phased and Flair only succeeded in injuring his hand. Shortly afterwards the ruffian facing him landed two hard jabs into his solar plexus forcing Xanthia to step in and Flair to clamber rather unelegantly over the table to safety.

Xanthia seemed lost without her long-las and despite failing to do any real damage to her opponents she did save Flair having jumped over the table to join the fight.

The Lady Drustilla stayed back throughout the fight, inexplicably at one point a concussive explosion was felt in the confined area and when the dust cleared Trix was semi concussed in the corner, not much else was seen of her after that until she double knee capped the ruffian being held by Mir, flashing her underwear in a not so ladylike way at the same time.

Mir stood as a tower of strength, no blow seemed to hurt him and having knocked one assailant out he then proceeded to repeatedly smash the heads together of another two despite their best efforts until they both hit the floor, one particularly worse for wear. Finally Mir stepped round the bodies to pick up the final ruffian by the hair while the Lady Drustilla viciously took out his knee caps with her stilleto heels.

The bar erupted in cheering, by this point Flair had already found a seat and having forgot about his bad hand and thrown a pint in his own face was supping away on a beer. Vogel over the moon with this fabulous display offered drinks on the house to the fighters while the bodies of the losers were un-ceremoniously dumped outside the bar. Mir abstained while the Lady Drustilla sipped, unfortunately Flair and Xanthia got carried away with the revelry and boasting and eventually after much drinking passed out on the bar. Vogel kindly offered the use of the room while they recovered and a couple of hours later they came round, re-caf and a shared Stimm got them back on their feet and ready for the walk home.

It should be noted that this bar fight will go down in the annals of history for The Barking Saint, none of you will be able to come back here without being recognised and word of your exploits has spread out into the surrounding middle hive and beyond. The nobles with the eyes of red and the Adept with the heart of a Space Marine, you will not be able to move around here quite so easily now.

Upon return to the Strophes household after a brief issue with Maximillian the Green Coat as they headed back into the upper hive, Mir remembered the hand gesture to open the doors. At 2am the area was fairly deserted apart from what appeared to be gun servitors hidden in some of the bas reliefs in the hallways, all doors were sealed shut and no servants could be found.

Mir and Trix decided to try and send an astropathic message to Zebre concerning Flair but didn’t know their way round the building and couldn’t find anyone to ask. Upon returning to their rooms Xanthia had the foresight to just ring for a servant and ask, however it appears that Laurent himself has to authorise any messages leaving the house, the servant informed you that Laurent rises around 7am.

Eventually you all decided that sleep might be a good idea and head off to your rooms, Xanthia and Flair however, still stimmed up find sleep a long time in coming.


Julia joined Mir, Trix and Xanthia for breakfast and informed you that there would be a party to attend where you could meet some members of the Joyous Choir. One was to be an entertainer, one a noble and one a bodyguard, however following some abysmal efforts to charm her who would do what was less clear. Xanthia showed off her skills by burying a knife in the ceiling, knocking over the juice on the table and generally, well not showing off her skills. It was decided Trix could be an aloof noble Lady Drustilla and that Mir due to his size would be the bodygaurd.

You were briefed on the two main elements of the party, Aether Weaving and Spurring, one of which went down well with Trix who picked out a green dress with a constellation of stars around the neck, the spurring not so well, however you were informed not to react to it in any way.

You were shortly after met by Laurent Strophes who informed you that the Bounty Hunter Vorlin Orday was to meet you in The Barking Saint, a seedy bar in the middle hive.

Early after arriving in the middle hive, Mir set about accosting a youth and demanding directions to the Barking Saint. Shortly after you were accosted by members of the Joyous Choir who pushed pamphlets into your hands, during the discussions you became aware of another person who seemed to be keeping an eye on your encounter. The tall gentleman who appeared to be a member of the administratum worked his way over to you and engaged in conversation, Trix figured something out fairly quickly and you all agreed to meet at a bar to discuss things further. You were led to the Hole in the Wall where the barkeep attempted to sell you his “best” bottle of Amasec for 200 thrones. Unfortunately Mir realised at this point he had been robbed.

The group settled down to discuss matters and eventually Flair Havelock revealed himself to be a member of the inquisition and he was working for Anton Zerbe to investiage matters in Hive Sibellus. You agreed that he would join you on the trip to the Barking Saint as for now your missions appear to be in sync.

At the barking saint you were met by Silas a young boy who brought you up to speed on the Rules of First Drawn, he tried to eek out a bit of information from you and Mir gave him a false planet of origin.

In the bar Xanthia picked up the faint smell of Obscura and Mir in his subtle way abused one of the Joy Girls before making his way to the bar and talking to Vogel (Silas’ father). You were directed to a curtained area behind the bar. Flair in the meantime had entered the bar of his own accord and was making small talk with Vogel over a rather dodgy drink. Xanthia purchased a slightly better bettle for 150 thrones which Vogel nearly hurt his arm taking the money.

You finally met Vorlin Orday who warned you to give up on this mission as it was too dangerous, you got the impression that while this man was no coward he was afraid for his life. He had a data slate to sell to you which you eventually agreed 500 thrones up front and then a further 1000 thrones on delivery providing the information was useful, he believed this contained information of members of the Magistratum who were bankrolling the Joyous Choir.

He told you that Saia Strophes was dead and had overdosed on a drug called Farcosia which is expensive, addictive and provided some sort of high, he summised that all the members of the Joyous Choir were taking this drug. The Choir had dumped Saia’s body and covered the whole thing up.

He agreed to meet you in 3 days time to make the trade and left with a casual wave.

As you were discussing the outcome of this someone flew threw the curtain and crashed into the table before throwing a punch at Mir…..


After a week of intensive training you awoke to find that the table was laid as usual but there were no servants to be seen, eventually you were summoned to see Inquisitor Globus Vaarak who began to brief you on the mission at hand.

You were introduced to a group known as the Joyous Choir who have set up shop in hive Sibellus on Scintilla, some nonsense about the Emperor wanting everyone to be happy. Vaarak showed you a hologram of the Tarot Card you found on Aristarchus after the Iocanthos affair, the tarot seemed to contain Xenos circuitry (not that any of you knew what circuitry was). You were then shown a hologram of the Harmony Meter, a device used by the Joyous Choir to detect how ‘True’ you are, interestingly this had identical circuitry to the Tarot Card. You each had a mess about with the Harmony Meter but failed to get it to do anything interesting.

You were told you would be joining Vaarak’s friend Laurent Strophes and his daughter Julia in the upper hive of Sibellus where you would be posing as distant cousins of the family. Strophes neice Saia had gone missing and he believes it was something to do with the Choir.

You learned that the seneschal Trantor Castus was actually an interrogator which explained how easily he could put each of you on the floor. Xanthia sulked over the loss of her beloved Las Rifle throughout all the meetings, however Castus grilled you over your backstory as to why you were cousins and more importantly why you had matching Occular Implants.

Xanthia – Deals with offworld trading for the family however with more unsavoury characters from less established worlds.

Mir – As a child his ship crashed on a feral world where he grew up, it wasn’t until he applied to join the Guardsmen that it was discovered he was a member of the esteemed Strophes family.

Trix – Owns and manages the trading fleet which Xanthia uses. Born and lived in space all her life and flies members of the family around.

The eye issue was a bit more difficult and after some “interesting” ideas about playing pokey eye….. Castus suggested that you are now all working together as traders and had the occular implants fitted to allow you to better scrutinise items of worth.

You flew down to Hive Sibellus where you were greeted by Julia Strophes who escorted you to her fathers estate where upon you were untroduced the the late Great Uncle Thalus. Laurent Strophes brought you up to speed on the situation regarding Saia and suggested you all come from Fenksworld a backwater planet far enough away that your rough edges wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

Julia suggests that you join her at an upcoming party where you could meet the choir and begins fussing about you suggesting styles. Strophes also suggests you meet the bounty hunter Vorlin Orday in the middle hive. It appears he was hired to do some digging for Strophes and came up with the harmony meters.

You are shown to your rooms which is in effect an lavish wing of the estate where the servants have been removed for your privacy, you are left to your own devices overnight and Xanthia and Trix begin to pratice fighting while in noble attire, Mir finds himself the drinks cabinet.

01/04/2013 - Rejoice for You Are True

You had an unusual start to this adventure, you were summoned to the Verdant Glory where you were stripped of all your weapons and kit and told to attend a set of quarters that contained a plush dining room and living room along with 3 berths.

You were subjected to a week of intensive training by a man known as Trantor Castusand a series of other unknown people. You were taught how to proport yourselves in noble company, how to dress, how to eat and how to dance.

Xanthia got herself beaten fairly regularly for trying it on with Castus, she didn’t win a single fight.

By the end of the week you had all improved your nobility social skills, however you still have no clue why or what all this about.


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