Lean, jumpy, focussed on something else...Battered black leathers and long blonde hair allways tied back sensibly...purple eyes and electroo tattoos down her shoulders and arms the only pretty thing about her.


Lean and quick moving with a constant weary air Xanthia is too focussed for many to pass away a pleasant time chatting. People who communicate with her get the feeling she is distracted most of the time. If you can get her full attention it is an uncomfortable experience as she has a habit of staring at people, as if ranging and sizing them up for something….
Xanthia dresses in battered but serviceable black leathers her long blonde hair constantly tied back out of the way. Her eyes are an unusual purple (perhaps cosmetic?) and electro tattoos writhe down her shoulders and arms.
If forced to comment on her looks she will grudgingly admit she really enjoys the eye augment…


Born on a backwater planet with a medieval feudal system Xanthia violently murdered the Lord who raped and killed her sister. She was saved from execution by Inquisitor Zebre who saw the natural killer in her.

She loves the futuristic Imperial worlds hives and all and looks down on those still living in the dirt.


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