Flair Havelock

7ft Tall but oddly non-descript


7’ Tall
Pale/Grey Skin
Blonde Hair
Green Eyes
Stoops, to about 6’4"
Weight 160lbs


‘Flair’, an ironic nickname which has stuck since his days on Science orbital, CS868-ATG-880125, a deep space research station. Not Flair ever had anything to do with the research. Born on the orbital he spent 20 years doing pretty much what he wanted, he had very few responsibilities just making sure the Computer functions worked for different part of the orbital.

Then the accident happened.

‘Flair’ still isn’t sure exactly what happened, the orbital went into shut down, it’s life support and power systems became all but inoperable and most on board lost their lives. All communication was lost with the outside universe. They were alone and in the dark.

In all there were 56 survivors. Flair then became an integral part of the crew, he was the only one with access codes to the vital functions of the ship and managed to repair and maintain a safe environment within the wreck of the orbital. Accessing the data allowed Flair to fly some of the surviving civilian space craft, this was mainly used to gather supplies from the planet surface, gases and raw materials etc. Life aboard the wrecked orbital was pretty grim, reprocessed food and water, limited power and no entertainment. For three years Flair and his colleagues survived like this until they were boarded by Imperium officials. Flair never saw the rest of his colleagues, he was separated and questioned for what seemed like days.

And now here he is, in the middle of something he doesn’t quite understand, but the food and drink are amazing, well considering what he is used to….

Flair Havelock

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