Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy


As breakfast continues the group make decisions on how to proceed, concerned that their cover has been blown the decide to send messages to both Inquisitors Vaarak and Zebre. The message to Zebre explains that they believe their cover has been compromised, they explain about the Strophes invite to Ambulon City and request confirmation as to whether they should shed their cover and go in all guns blazing or maintain some cover. They also confirm that they have enough information to blow the Alabaster Court and Joyous Choir wide open and detail their beliefs about the drug Farcosia and how Pskers are involved.

The message to Varaak is slightly lacking in detail. The group explain that the Strophes household was attacked and they successfully repelled it, they let him know that they have also contacted Zebre and intend to go deep cover while they continue their investigations. They will contact the inquisitor once they have something more concrete.

While they await a response they agree to take Strophes up on his offer and use their existing backstory as traders in fine and rare items on Ambulon. Strophes offers to introduce them to Kronis Estrun a gem trader on Ambulon.

They spend the next couple of days recuperating and receive messages back from Zebre and Varaak. Zebre gives them the option of staying incognito or going full inquisition, however they need to take their investigation as far as it will go and identify who is pushing the buttons at the top. Varaaks replies to say he does not believe their cover is blown and that the strike was intended to eliminate all of the Strophes as the enquiries around Saia’s dissapearance were getting too close. The acolytes were dubious about this.

The next morning travel is arranged to Ambulon whereby the acolytes are greeted with the strangest sight they have seen, the presented their papers to the very friendly magistratum on arrival and are directed to the Red Gold quadrant on the central spine (where the nobles live). They find Estrun’s gem shop and are greeted by his daughter Sara and young grandson Janek, after reviewing the letter from Strophes he invites them into his workshop and intimates that they are not telling him something. Believing they can trust the man Mir reveals his inquisitorial rosette to the shock of Kronis, he tells them that the Joyous Choir have a small temple on Ambulon and they are referred to as “the happy people”, they don’t really cause him any trouble.

Further discussion leads to Xanthia showing him the circuitry and tarot card, his eyes whir madly at this and he exclaims that both are ancient xenogen technology. He knows little more but advises they should see The Oracle a former enginseer who gives out predictions. He arranges quarters for them in the local hotel and his grandson Callidon is offered as a guide while the acoloytes are on Ambulon. He also prepares a letter of introduction and a list of shop names for the acolytes to visit around the city as part of their cover.

It is now late afternoon, Mir asks Callidon to take him to a local drinks shop where he arranges for a very nice bottle of Amasec to be delivered to Estrun as thanks for his assistance and keeping their identity secret, even the grandson does not know.

Callidon agrees to take the acolytes to the temple by way of a few shops, they discuss business with a range of people, but a shop owned by Xarles Combes catches their eye the most. While his settings are not of the best quality the gems he cuts reflect light fantastically and this would be all rage back in Hive Sibellus, they note this down to discuss with Kronis to see if some trade can be set up in the future.

At the temple it is getting late and a somewhat dozy leaflet giver advises them to come back the next day when they can see a preacher. The acolytes notice a few people just as the temple closes and a preacher heads back into the building. Trix picks up that one of the acolytes is a latent psyker but keeps her suspicions between her and the other acolytes.

The group head back to the hotel calling at a few other shop locations on the way and retire for the night.



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