Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy


That evening the three of you spend your time researching Sepherus Secundus, Farcosia and the Alabaster Court but find nothing of any note.

At breakfast the next morning an invite for the Alabaster Court arrives from Lady Tanae Borella, unfortunately it is addressed to Lady Drustilla and 1 guest which poses a problem.

Laurent is out for the day but Julia comes to your quarters and you ask her to see if she can get a spare invite, she suggests maybe trying to copy it but it would be too rude to just ask for one.

Trix is worried about her having another reaction to farcosia and how she might deal with this. You decide to split up with Mir going separately to scope out The Alabaster Court, the ladies travel separately after Xanthia annoys the seamstress by requesting ankle boots to wear in the day!

Mir has a brief conversation with the guards as he is looking for a pictograph, they direct him to the next level of the promenade area of the hive. Xanthia and Trix go for tea as they look for alternative entrances to the Court, none are to be found so they fall back on trying it on with the guards Silon and Rallus. The guards are not easily swayed but do give a little information away about what will be going on the following night.

Mir after some time aquires his pictograph but is stopped by a Magistrate who takes note of his details after Mir claims ignorance as his reason for constantly reappearing in the area.

Over dinner that night with Laurent you band around a series of ideas such as abseiling down to the Court from above, sending the ladies in and Mir listening from the balcony of the Strophes household. Ultimately you come up with a rough plan of action but not everyone is entirely happy with it.

End Time: Day 3, 20:00 Terra Standard.

A further 100xp for your work in the hustle and planning for the court.



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