Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy

Into the Hustle

After some deliberation and discussion on who was the best shot it was finally agreed that Trix should make the switch with Orday with Xanthia and Mir providing cover. The group piled into the car and were chauffeured down towards the middle hive, interestingly however they did not pass through the usual gates, instead they were dropped at non-descript building with a couple of guards outside.

Inside was a series of rooms with guards on the doors where the acolytes were advised they could get changed here and move into the middle hive. Mir realised fairly quickly that most noble houses would have some sort of bolthole such as this, whereby members of the family could translate from upper to middle hive areas without attracting unwanted attention.

The party moved out and after a short walk came to The Hustle (although the smell and noise hit them long before they saw it). From a balcony above they surveyed the sprawling mass that was the market area, the sea of humanity moving like an insect.

Mir engaged in conversation with a rather exuberant trader on a bag stall and was negotiating a good deal on just the right bag when Xanthia stepped in and paid him a throne for the bag and nearly lost her hand in the processs. What they did manage to discern was the location of the broken moon where they were to meet Orday.

On arrival Orday began to make his way forward before his head was vapourised, Mir sprinted in sliding to a halt by the body as shots thudded into the floor around him. Trix moved into the cover of the market stall and Xanthia rapidly began putting together her rifle behind some masonary. A robed figure with seemingly mechanical feet burst out of a nearby building landed next to Mir and grabbed Orday’s bag before sprinting up (yes up) the side of a wall while rotating his body 180 degrees to shoot back at Mir. A crack shot from the acolytes took out his foot and set him back on the floor.

The chase was on, the acolytes were loathe to shoot into the crowd for fear of hitting innocent bystanders, Mir in particular was racked with indecision, only once sucumbing to the blood lust. They were waylayed by a bunch of thugs seemingly working in concert with the robbed assassin, a furious battle ensued with Xanthia getting to higher ground, Trix subt…. no not at all subtely knocking everyone in the entire market over with a psychic backlash. Mir laid into the thugs and methodically took them apart while Xanthia fired on the escaping robed killer, her shots were all perfectly aimed but the assassin seemingly bent his body out of the way of every shot and ultimately escaped unscathed.

As they approached the edge of the marketplace a huge explosion brought down two buildings and blocked the acolytes in, Mir climbed a nearby building but was unable to see through the smoke and only suceeded in getting the Arbites attention, he got round this quickly by shouting for help. Xanthia and Trix had no luck either and moved back into the marketplace.

Mir headed back to the body of Orday where he found two guards from house Strophes keeping opportunistic folk away. Thanking them for their assistance Mir began to search the body and found a number of things of note.



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