Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy

Back to the Barking Saint

I left this one a bit long sorry!

Essentially you discussed what happened to Orday with Julia Strophes, the bank account, which for all intents and purposes doesn’t exist has 3732 thrones in it.

You headed back to The Barking Saint and interviewed Silas but you didn’t get much other than the fact he was terrified. Vogel inside cracked open a bottle and you paid him 50 thrones to pass on any information via House Strophes should he hear anything with the promise of a further 100 thrones once the message was received.

You sat down to discuss everything and Laurent advised you that the Inquisitor had requested a brief and concise update, Xanthia at this point was convinced the Arbites were somehow involved in all this.

You ascertained the following points:

  • The Joyous Choir are well funded and dangerous
  • Saia is dead
  • You are expecting an invite to the Alabaster Court via Lady Tanae Borella
  • Farcosia is not normal, it is a drug that has a warp signature
  • The key meeting place for the Joyus Choir is the Alabaster Court
  • There is someone called Caros Shoal who preaches at the court



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