Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy


It started with a hangover, well at least as far as Xanthia and Flair were concerned, in Flairs case this was accompanied with a lot of pain.

Trix awoke early and arranged to break fast with Laurent where she brought him up to speed with the evenings events, he reprimanded the group for wandering round the house at night and forcing him to deactivate some of the gun servitors. He was clearly not impressed but agreed to allow the acolytes to use the Astropathic Choir to send a message back to the inquisition on how things were going.

Mir awoke next and decided it would be interesting to throw a bucket of cold water onto an assassin, Xanthia as expected attempted to kill him following the rude awakening and eventually threw him out of her room.

An invitation arrived later in the morning requesting all the Strophes to attend a Soiree beind held by Lady Tanae Borella at her residence. The rest of the day was spent sorting out suitable attire and Julia explained that Lady Borella was a prominent member of the Joyous Choir and that they should also be aware that they might witness spurring first hand. She warned them not to react so Mir suggested joining in, which was not greeted well by Xanthia and Trix.Flair was given serious medical treatment for his injuries the night before and advised to attend the party as Lady Drustillas personal rembrancer. Trix spent some time in the library at House Strophes and identified the following nobles as listed missing since the Joyous Choir formed in Hive Sibellus.

*Flavion Draken
*Novus Dorn
*Pratia Lethe
*Gallia Jezail

She couldn’t find anything further out about the joyous choir.

The party started well with Julia introducing them to the prominent guests and Trix and Flair, Xanthia and Mir split up to talk to various people.

Mir targetted Mylene Trun and discovered from her that a lot of young nobles in the Joyous Choir were doing some sort of drug, she also mentioned that a Carlos Shoal had a personal congregation at the Alabaster Court.

Trix spent some time observing various conversations with Flair in tow before going to speak to Lord Raephen Verence. It turned out he was friends with the sector commander and mentioned something about some terrorists on Sepheris Secundus that the Arbites were unable to contain.

Xanthia in the meantime had moved on to talk to Counsellor Cort Abroag. Dropping the hint that she was wealthy go thim to reveal he is a high ranking member of the Joyous Choir and that he was key to introducing people and helping them on the path to become “True”.

Mir and Xanthia both then moved over to Verence, unfortunately some of his hangers on a Lyra Kadis was less than polite and this resulted in Xanthia ‘accidently’ elbowing her in the face. Mir went to help by pinching her nose, unfortunately he also took the opportunity to help himself to her rear which resulted in a large slap.

The party coninues…..



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