Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy

The Party Continues

…. Trix decided to take Lyra to the ladies room to get her nose sorted out, Lyra was happy to chat to Trix and despite referring to her as a pilgrim and her coloquial ways seemingly she was not intending to cause offense. Sweeping back out into the room, Trix attempted to copy Lyra’s lithe swaying walk and succeeded in catching her heel on her dress and falling spread eagled out onto the floor. Lyra dissapeared into the crowd at impressive speed.

Xanthia and Mir had gravitated to the bar to eavesdrop on Verence and his entourage and they were approached by Lady Tanae Borella who proceed to ask them about their pilgrim ways and how things were done in the far reaches of the sector. She was quite interested in the fact that Xanthia had trade contacts, although not so much in what she dealt in and she advised her to talk to Abroag. Mir attempted to impress with his fantasic knowledge (or not) of jewellery by examining one of her earings, despite not having a clue what it was worth both Mir and Xanthia commented on its quality although clearly she realised they weren’t particularly knowledgeable.

At around this time Trix had made her entrance so Mir and Xanthia went over to pick her up off the floor and the 3 of them decided to dance. Trix remembered her training but unfortunately Mir and Xanthia forgot where they were and reverted back to type with some dancing that raised more than a few eyebrows in the room. Trix realised what was going on and told them to sort it out which they did only to forget herself what she was doing and dancing like a drunken rag doll.

Thankfully the waiters rescued the acolytes with some timely drinks and a curious looking purple drink. Lady Borella raised a toast “Enjoy yourselves for delight is pleasing to the Emperor”. All three acolytes instead of drinking watched the other guests, it was noticeable that the older ones didn’t drink while the younger ones knocked theirs straight back.

At this point Trix freaked out and threw her glass clean across the room before screaming “its alive” over and over again while holding her head. Mir grabbed her and clamped his hand over her mouth to stifle her cries but it was too late, the entire room was watching, in particular Abroag and Borella were whispering furiously and not looking at all suprised at the outburst. The other guest who was paying more than a passing interest was the indeterminate gendered Sipirit Daneen whom none of the acolytes had spoken to.

Eventually Mir and Xanthia escorted Trix from the room at which point she almost immediately calmed down. On reflection Trix informed the others that the drink was Farcosia the drug the nobles have been taking and that it had a warp signature, something that shouldn’t be possible, she said it was reminiscent of a sentient being.

They decided to leave the party and arrived back at the Strophes residence around 2am where they discussed the goings on of the evening, no one could fathom what Trix’s insight meant and eventually went to sleep.

The next morning they were visited by Laurent Strophes himself who informed them that Orday had been in touch. He was clearly concerned about how nervous Orday had been, but he had asked to meet the acolytes in the The Hustle an area of the middle hive something akin to a rough marketplace. They were to bring the money in a small case and only one person should approach him.

Strophes asked what they were trading for and after being told mentioned that the data would certainly be of value to him. He advised the acolytes that they could go fully geared and armed but should keep their weapons hidden for as long as possible.

Trix went off to research Farcosia and Verence in the library while Trix and Mir got ready, a rather nervous servant arrived and stammered a lot about not being dressed correctly before running off to get his senschal. The seneschal advised the acolytes that they would need to leave the estate incognito and provided bags for their gear, Xanthia was clearly not happy. He then set off to get Trix and tell her it was time to get ready to head to the Hustle.

If you are reading this you can have 300xp for the last couple of sessions!



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