Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy


Strike Against Strophes

Mir and Xanthia both wide awake reach for their weapons in the inky ptich blackness, easy to reach and always near to their beds, habit and paranoia guide their hands. Xanthia lays her hand on the familiar leather bound grip of her trusty long las, her finger caressing the cold metal trigger. Mirs hand closes tight round a rough wire bound grip and hefts the familiar weight of his chainsword, thumb poised over the trigger.

Trix slumbers on blissfully unaware of the danger, her dreams for once free of the terrors of the emperyean. Mir feels his way across the floor moving out into the corridor his hands feeling for the wall,ears straining for any telltale sound of an intruder, willing his augmented eye to pick up something, anything to give him a bearing. Xanthia moves at speed, confident in her knowledge of the bedroom layout, heading for the door, her foot catches on something and she sprawls, knees jaring painfully and her finger on relfex pulls the trigger. A burning light leaves an after haze on her retina as the las shot burns through the wall ahead, the room is breifly illuminated, it is enough a photograph of her location and she makes her way carefully to her armour.

Trix awakes with a start, her senses move out beyond the walls of the bedroom, is something amiss? She hears nothing, she can see nothing, something feels amiss.

Mir moves out into the corridor hugging the wall, hands groping along the ornate skirting board, working his way to Trix and Xanthia, his micro bead is producing nothing but static, that can’t be right. The whip crack of silenced las fire, out of the dark las shots slam into the ground around Mir, one shot clips his arm scoring a deep groove, pain fuels his reactions as he dives to the ground desparately trying to work out where the fire is coming from.

Light returns, like the most beautiful sunrise it iluminates the world, Mir turns and runs, there are three of them clad in black, carrying silenced las carbines and all reeling from the lens flare on their night vision goggles. The chainsword roars to life cleaving the arm of one and scoring a line across the armour of another. Xanthia reaches the door and begins firing down the corridor, her shots fly wide as the attackers duck and weave burning holes in the gold leaf ballustrade. Trix reaches the corridor and is forced back into cover as another three attackers charge up the opposite stairs, Xanthia immediately reacts to the new threat and spins her first shot vapoursing the head of an attacker, her head dissapears in a puff of red mist.

Trix delves into the warp and immediately the denizens of the empyrean srcrabbe at the edges of her conciousness, she fades from sight and appears further down the corridor, the attackers immediately switching the focus of their fire.

Mir takes hit after hit, blood pouring from a score of wounds on his unarmoured body, one the attackers guns jams and he throws it going for his knife, Mir blocks the blow and disembowels the attacker next to him with the backstroke of his weapon, the body tumbles down the stairs, the screams of pain receding into the distance.

Trix winces as a blinding blue light sears her retinas and the upper half of an attacker dissapears, a shadow is all that remains, burned into the wall. A burst of warp and the other attacker writhes in pain.

The battle continues, thrust, counter thrust, las fire burning through the corridor, the walls ridden with holes, smoke obscures the ceiling, the smell of scorched flesh, ozone that you can taste. One by one Mir, Trix and Xanthia take apart the attackers but the cost is high. Strophes returns and finishes the last attacker, he updates a badly injured Trix, the family are safe escaped through a secret tunnel.

Servants come and begin clearing the bodies, the damage already being repaired, the group are invited for breakfast with Strophes, it is dawn but no one realised. Xanthia inexplicably asks Julia about a gift for Lady Borella, their cover is blown yet Xanthia pushes the issue until Laurent sends Julia away, she is leaving for distant estates until things settle down. They ask about Ambulon City, the walking city and Laurent has a contact there, he will make arrangements for them to visit a friend there. The doctor arrives and the process of healing can finally begin.



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