Aherne Sutton Dark Heresy

Rejoice Aftermath

To be done!


As breakfast continues the group make decisions on how to proceed, concerned that their cover has been blown the decide to send messages to both Inquisitors Vaarak and Zebre. The message to Zebre explains that they believe their cover has been compromised, they explain about the Strophes invite to Ambulon City and request confirmation as to whether they should shed their cover and go in all guns blazing or maintain some cover. They also confirm that they have enough information to blow the Alabaster Court and Joyous Choir wide open and detail their beliefs about the drug Farcosia and how Pskers are involved.

The message to Varaak is slightly lacking in detail. The group explain that the Strophes household was attacked and they successfully repelled it, they let him know that they have also contacted Zebre and intend to go deep cover while they continue their investigations. They will contact the inquisitor once they have something more concrete.

While they await a response they agree to take Strophes up on his offer and use their existing backstory as traders in fine and rare items on Ambulon. Strophes offers to introduce them to Kronis Estrun a gem trader on Ambulon.

They spend the next couple of days recuperating and receive messages back from Zebre and Varaak. Zebre gives them the option of staying incognito or going full inquisition, however they need to take their investigation as far as it will go and identify who is pushing the buttons at the top. Varaaks replies to say he does not believe their cover is blown and that the strike was intended to eliminate all of the Strophes as the enquiries around Saia’s dissapearance were getting too close. The acolytes were dubious about this.

The next morning travel is arranged to Ambulon whereby the acolytes are greeted with the strangest sight they have seen, the presented their papers to the very friendly magistratum on arrival and are directed to the Red Gold quadrant on the central spine (where the nobles live). They find Estrun’s gem shop and are greeted by his daughter Sara and young grandson Janek, after reviewing the letter from Strophes he invites them into his workshop and intimates that they are not telling him something. Believing they can trust the man Mir reveals his inquisitorial rosette to the shock of Kronis, he tells them that the Joyous Choir have a small temple on Ambulon and they are referred to as “the happy people”, they don’t really cause him any trouble.

Further discussion leads to Xanthia showing him the circuitry and tarot card, his eyes whir madly at this and he exclaims that both are ancient xenogen technology. He knows little more but advises they should see The Oracle a former enginseer who gives out predictions. He arranges quarters for them in the local hotel and his grandson Callidon is offered as a guide while the acoloytes are on Ambulon. He also prepares a letter of introduction and a list of shop names for the acolytes to visit around the city as part of their cover.

It is now late afternoon, Mir asks Callidon to take him to a local drinks shop where he arranges for a very nice bottle of Amasec to be delivered to Estrun as thanks for his assistance and keeping their identity secret, even the grandson does not know.

Callidon agrees to take the acolytes to the temple by way of a few shops, they discuss business with a range of people, but a shop owned by Xarles Combes catches their eye the most. While his settings are not of the best quality the gems he cuts reflect light fantastically and this would be all rage back in Hive Sibellus, they note this down to discuss with Kronis to see if some trade can be set up in the future.

At the temple it is getting late and a somewhat dozy leaflet giver advises them to come back the next day when they can see a preacher. The acolytes notice a few people just as the temple closes and a preacher heads back into the building. Trix picks up that one of the acolytes is a latent psyker but keeps her suspicions between her and the other acolytes.

The group head back to the hotel calling at a few other shop locations on the way and retire for the night.

Strike Against Strophes

Mir and Xanthia both wide awake reach for their weapons in the inky ptich blackness, easy to reach and always near to their beds, habit and paranoia guide their hands. Xanthia lays her hand on the familiar leather bound grip of her trusty long las, her finger caressing the cold metal trigger. Mirs hand closes tight round a rough wire bound grip and hefts the familiar weight of his chainsword, thumb poised over the trigger.

Trix slumbers on blissfully unaware of the danger, her dreams for once free of the terrors of the emperyean. Mir feels his way across the floor moving out into the corridor his hands feeling for the wall,ears straining for any telltale sound of an intruder, willing his augmented eye to pick up something, anything to give him a bearing. Xanthia moves at speed, confident in her knowledge of the bedroom layout, heading for the door, her foot catches on something and she sprawls, knees jaring painfully and her finger on relfex pulls the trigger. A burning light leaves an after haze on her retina as the las shot burns through the wall ahead, the room is breifly illuminated, it is enough a photograph of her location and she makes her way carefully to her armour.

Trix awakes with a start, her senses move out beyond the walls of the bedroom, is something amiss? She hears nothing, she can see nothing, something feels amiss.

Mir moves out into the corridor hugging the wall, hands groping along the ornate skirting board, working his way to Trix and Xanthia, his micro bead is producing nothing but static, that can’t be right. The whip crack of silenced las fire, out of the dark las shots slam into the ground around Mir, one shot clips his arm scoring a deep groove, pain fuels his reactions as he dives to the ground desparately trying to work out where the fire is coming from.

Light returns, like the most beautiful sunrise it iluminates the world, Mir turns and runs, there are three of them clad in black, carrying silenced las carbines and all reeling from the lens flare on their night vision goggles. The chainsword roars to life cleaving the arm of one and scoring a line across the armour of another. Xanthia reaches the door and begins firing down the corridor, her shots fly wide as the attackers duck and weave burning holes in the gold leaf ballustrade. Trix reaches the corridor and is forced back into cover as another three attackers charge up the opposite stairs, Xanthia immediately reacts to the new threat and spins her first shot vapoursing the head of an attacker, her head dissapears in a puff of red mist.

Trix delves into the warp and immediately the denizens of the empyrean srcrabbe at the edges of her conciousness, she fades from sight and appears further down the corridor, the attackers immediately switching the focus of their fire.

Mir takes hit after hit, blood pouring from a score of wounds on his unarmoured body, one the attackers guns jams and he throws it going for his knife, Mir blocks the blow and disembowels the attacker next to him with the backstroke of his weapon, the body tumbles down the stairs, the screams of pain receding into the distance.

Trix winces as a blinding blue light sears her retinas and the upper half of an attacker dissapears, a shadow is all that remains, burned into the wall. A burst of warp and the other attacker writhes in pain.

The battle continues, thrust, counter thrust, las fire burning through the corridor, the walls ridden with holes, smoke obscures the ceiling, the smell of scorched flesh, ozone that you can taste. One by one Mir, Trix and Xanthia take apart the attackers but the cost is high. Strophes returns and finishes the last attacker, he updates a badly injured Trix, the family are safe escaped through a secret tunnel.

Servants come and begin clearing the bodies, the damage already being repaired, the group are invited for breakfast with Strophes, it is dawn but no one realised. Xanthia inexplicably asks Julia about a gift for Lady Borella, their cover is blown yet Xanthia pushes the issue until Laurent sends Julia away, she is leaving for distant estates until things settle down. They ask about Ambulon City, the walking city and Laurent has a contact there, he will make arrangements for them to visit a friend there. The doctor arrives and the process of healing can finally begin.

The Party's Over

The party at Alabaster Court continued and Xanthia and Trix were doing the rounds, enjoying the food and drink and trying to discern what was going on with Mir sat listening in a nearby cafe.

Caros Shoal arrived around 11pm and swept into the Court surrounded by his entourage of good looking young counsellors. Lady Borella intercepted him and directed him directly towards Xanthia and Trix who were suitably charmed by him, unfortunately the conversation was short as he moved on to greet other guests. Trix and Xan moved up to a balcony area to scope out the party and see if anyone was following Shoal, not long after a large Monk swept through the courtyard making a beeline for Shoal. Trix and Xan relaying what was happening to Mir moved down to follow and listen in.

They discern on the way that the Monk is actually someone called Theodosia a counsellor of Shoal. Both Trix and Xan notice a limp and then the slightest glint of metal under the robes. The discussion between Shoal and Theodosia starts to get heated and Shoal shouts something about making people at Ambulon City a lot of money before a clearly angry Theodosia drags him off down some stairs.

Trix noticed her link to the Empyrean was weaker near to the stairs, however it picked up the further way she got, they summised it was some sort of dampening field. At the same time Trix tried a pirouet that failed spectacularly, luckily Xanthia caught her but the dress was ruined. The pair spent some time attempting unscuccessfully trying to engage in converstaion with the counsellors and get down the stairs to see whats going on. After nearly succeeding on one, another intervened and they were politely sent on their way. The pair then set off to explore and try and find Lady Borella to help solve the dress situation.

In the meantime Mir gets chatting to a drunk noble from the trading house Xerxes, he didnt get much information out of him other than confirming that Shoal should have given a sermon at the party.

Eventually after doing some exploring and finding various meditation type rooms and finding guards or locked doors by all the major stairways, the ladies are escorted to the door by some kind guards and the party winds up, in the car ride back to House Strophes the acolytes summise that Psykers are being killed to create Farcosia and it has something to do with Theodosia and Ambulon, they also suspect that Theodosia is the assassin that killed Orday.

The acolytes request an audience with Laurent and Julia in the morning and then retire for the night.


There were lots of crazy plans thrown around (the acolytes seemed a bit distracted…..) Trix and Xanthia spent some time working out how many weapons they could hide about themselves along with some lewd comments from Mir. Xanthia managed 3 daggers and a las pistol, Trix managed two knives (one in her hair) and a sharpened ring.

Trix and Xanthia moved into the court without any great issue and bumped into some folks they met at Lady Borellas party (including the lady herself), they were subjected to a brutal example of spurring with a lower hiver being stabbed with a power sword for the finale.

The rest of the time was spent wandering around and mingling with guests, Mir however decided to stay back at house Strophes and use the comms to listen in on what was happening at the court. After some problems with his micro bead Mir moved down to the plaza and blended in with the locals, taking refuge in a local coffee shop.


That evening the three of you spend your time researching Sepherus Secundus, Farcosia and the Alabaster Court but find nothing of any note.

At breakfast the next morning an invite for the Alabaster Court arrives from Lady Tanae Borella, unfortunately it is addressed to Lady Drustilla and 1 guest which poses a problem.

Laurent is out for the day but Julia comes to your quarters and you ask her to see if she can get a spare invite, she suggests maybe trying to copy it but it would be too rude to just ask for one.

Trix is worried about her having another reaction to farcosia and how she might deal with this. You decide to split up with Mir going separately to scope out The Alabaster Court, the ladies travel separately after Xanthia annoys the seamstress by requesting ankle boots to wear in the day!

Mir has a brief conversation with the guards as he is looking for a pictograph, they direct him to the next level of the promenade area of the hive. Xanthia and Trix go for tea as they look for alternative entrances to the Court, none are to be found so they fall back on trying it on with the guards Silon and Rallus. The guards are not easily swayed but do give a little information away about what will be going on the following night.

Mir after some time aquires his pictograph but is stopped by a Magistrate who takes note of his details after Mir claims ignorance as his reason for constantly reappearing in the area.

Over dinner that night with Laurent you band around a series of ideas such as abseiling down to the Court from above, sending the ladies in and Mir listening from the balcony of the Strophes household. Ultimately you come up with a rough plan of action but not everyone is entirely happy with it.

End Time: Day 3, 20:00 Terra Standard.

A further 100xp for your work in the hustle and planning for the court.

Back to the Barking Saint

I left this one a bit long sorry!

Essentially you discussed what happened to Orday with Julia Strophes, the bank account, which for all intents and purposes doesn’t exist has 3732 thrones in it.

You headed back to The Barking Saint and interviewed Silas but you didn’t get much other than the fact he was terrified. Vogel inside cracked open a bottle and you paid him 50 thrones to pass on any information via House Strophes should he hear anything with the promise of a further 100 thrones once the message was received.

You sat down to discuss everything and Laurent advised you that the Inquisitor had requested a brief and concise update, Xanthia at this point was convinced the Arbites were somehow involved in all this.

You ascertained the following points:

  • The Joyous Choir are well funded and dangerous
  • Saia is dead
  • You are expecting an invite to the Alabaster Court via Lady Tanae Borella
  • Farcosia is not normal, it is a drug that has a warp signature
  • The key meeting place for the Joyus Choir is the Alabaster Court
  • There is someone called Caros Shoal who preaches at the court
Into the Hustle

After some deliberation and discussion on who was the best shot it was finally agreed that Trix should make the switch with Orday with Xanthia and Mir providing cover. The group piled into the car and were chauffeured down towards the middle hive, interestingly however they did not pass through the usual gates, instead they were dropped at non-descript building with a couple of guards outside.

Inside was a series of rooms with guards on the doors where the acolytes were advised they could get changed here and move into the middle hive. Mir realised fairly quickly that most noble houses would have some sort of bolthole such as this, whereby members of the family could translate from upper to middle hive areas without attracting unwanted attention.

The party moved out and after a short walk came to The Hustle (although the smell and noise hit them long before they saw it). From a balcony above they surveyed the sprawling mass that was the market area, the sea of humanity moving like an insect.

Mir engaged in conversation with a rather exuberant trader on a bag stall and was negotiating a good deal on just the right bag when Xanthia stepped in and paid him a throne for the bag and nearly lost her hand in the processs. What they did manage to discern was the location of the broken moon where they were to meet Orday.

On arrival Orday began to make his way forward before his head was vapourised, Mir sprinted in sliding to a halt by the body as shots thudded into the floor around him. Trix moved into the cover of the market stall and Xanthia rapidly began putting together her rifle behind some masonary. A robed figure with seemingly mechanical feet burst out of a nearby building landed next to Mir and grabbed Orday’s bag before sprinting up (yes up) the side of a wall while rotating his body 180 degrees to shoot back at Mir. A crack shot from the acolytes took out his foot and set him back on the floor.

The chase was on, the acolytes were loathe to shoot into the crowd for fear of hitting innocent bystanders, Mir in particular was racked with indecision, only once sucumbing to the blood lust. They were waylayed by a bunch of thugs seemingly working in concert with the robbed assassin, a furious battle ensued with Xanthia getting to higher ground, Trix subt…. no not at all subtely knocking everyone in the entire market over with a psychic backlash. Mir laid into the thugs and methodically took them apart while Xanthia fired on the escaping robed killer, her shots were all perfectly aimed but the assassin seemingly bent his body out of the way of every shot and ultimately escaped unscathed.

As they approached the edge of the marketplace a huge explosion brought down two buildings and blocked the acolytes in, Mir climbed a nearby building but was unable to see through the smoke and only suceeded in getting the Arbites attention, he got round this quickly by shouting for help. Xanthia and Trix had no luck either and moved back into the marketplace.

Mir headed back to the body of Orday where he found two guards from house Strophes keeping opportunistic folk away. Thanking them for their assistance Mir began to search the body and found a number of things of note.

The Party Continues

…. Trix decided to take Lyra to the ladies room to get her nose sorted out, Lyra was happy to chat to Trix and despite referring to her as a pilgrim and her coloquial ways seemingly she was not intending to cause offense. Sweeping back out into the room, Trix attempted to copy Lyra’s lithe swaying walk and succeeded in catching her heel on her dress and falling spread eagled out onto the floor. Lyra dissapeared into the crowd at impressive speed.

Xanthia and Mir had gravitated to the bar to eavesdrop on Verence and his entourage and they were approached by Lady Tanae Borella who proceed to ask them about their pilgrim ways and how things were done in the far reaches of the sector. She was quite interested in the fact that Xanthia had trade contacts, although not so much in what she dealt in and she advised her to talk to Abroag. Mir attempted to impress with his fantasic knowledge (or not) of jewellery by examining one of her earings, despite not having a clue what it was worth both Mir and Xanthia commented on its quality although clearly she realised they weren’t particularly knowledgeable.

At around this time Trix had made her entrance so Mir and Xanthia went over to pick her up off the floor and the 3 of them decided to dance. Trix remembered her training but unfortunately Mir and Xanthia forgot where they were and reverted back to type with some dancing that raised more than a few eyebrows in the room. Trix realised what was going on and told them to sort it out which they did only to forget herself what she was doing and dancing like a drunken rag doll.

Thankfully the waiters rescued the acolytes with some timely drinks and a curious looking purple drink. Lady Borella raised a toast “Enjoy yourselves for delight is pleasing to the Emperor”. All three acolytes instead of drinking watched the other guests, it was noticeable that the older ones didn’t drink while the younger ones knocked theirs straight back.

At this point Trix freaked out and threw her glass clean across the room before screaming “its alive” over and over again while holding her head. Mir grabbed her and clamped his hand over her mouth to stifle her cries but it was too late, the entire room was watching, in particular Abroag and Borella were whispering furiously and not looking at all suprised at the outburst. The other guest who was paying more than a passing interest was the indeterminate gendered Sipirit Daneen whom none of the acolytes had spoken to.

Eventually Mir and Xanthia escorted Trix from the room at which point she almost immediately calmed down. On reflection Trix informed the others that the drink was Farcosia the drug the nobles have been taking and that it had a warp signature, something that shouldn’t be possible, she said it was reminiscent of a sentient being.

They decided to leave the party and arrived back at the Strophes residence around 2am where they discussed the goings on of the evening, no one could fathom what Trix’s insight meant and eventually went to sleep.

The next morning they were visited by Laurent Strophes himself who informed them that Orday had been in touch. He was clearly concerned about how nervous Orday had been, but he had asked to meet the acolytes in the The Hustle an area of the middle hive something akin to a rough marketplace. They were to bring the money in a small case and only one person should approach him.

Strophes asked what they were trading for and after being told mentioned that the data would certainly be of value to him. He advised the acolytes that they could go fully geared and armed but should keep their weapons hidden for as long as possible.

Trix went off to research Farcosia and Verence in the library while Trix and Mir got ready, a rather nervous servant arrived and stammered a lot about not being dressed correctly before running off to get his senschal. The seneschal advised the acolytes that they would need to leave the estate incognito and provided bags for their gear, Xanthia was clearly not happy. He then set off to get Trix and tell her it was time to get ready to head to the Hustle.

If you are reading this you can have 300xp for the last couple of sessions!


It started with a hangover, well at least as far as Xanthia and Flair were concerned, in Flairs case this was accompanied with a lot of pain.

Trix awoke early and arranged to break fast with Laurent where she brought him up to speed with the evenings events, he reprimanded the group for wandering round the house at night and forcing him to deactivate some of the gun servitors. He was clearly not impressed but agreed to allow the acolytes to use the Astropathic Choir to send a message back to the inquisition on how things were going.

Mir awoke next and decided it would be interesting to throw a bucket of cold water onto an assassin, Xanthia as expected attempted to kill him following the rude awakening and eventually threw him out of her room.

An invitation arrived later in the morning requesting all the Strophes to attend a Soiree beind held by Lady Tanae Borella at her residence. The rest of the day was spent sorting out suitable attire and Julia explained that Lady Borella was a prominent member of the Joyous Choir and that they should also be aware that they might witness spurring first hand. She warned them not to react so Mir suggested joining in, which was not greeted well by Xanthia and Trix.Flair was given serious medical treatment for his injuries the night before and advised to attend the party as Lady Drustillas personal rembrancer. Trix spent some time in the library at House Strophes and identified the following nobles as listed missing since the Joyous Choir formed in Hive Sibellus.

*Flavion Draken
*Novus Dorn
*Pratia Lethe
*Gallia Jezail

She couldn’t find anything further out about the joyous choir.

The party started well with Julia introducing them to the prominent guests and Trix and Flair, Xanthia and Mir split up to talk to various people.

Mir targetted Mylene Trun and discovered from her that a lot of young nobles in the Joyous Choir were doing some sort of drug, she also mentioned that a Carlos Shoal had a personal congregation at the Alabaster Court.

Trix spent some time observing various conversations with Flair in tow before going to speak to Lord Raephen Verence. It turned out he was friends with the sector commander and mentioned something about some terrorists on Sepheris Secundus that the Arbites were unable to contain.

Xanthia in the meantime had moved on to talk to Counsellor Cort Abroag. Dropping the hint that she was wealthy go thim to reveal he is a high ranking member of the Joyous Choir and that he was key to introducing people and helping them on the path to become “True”.

Mir and Xanthia both then moved over to Verence, unfortunately some of his hangers on a Lyra Kadis was less than polite and this resulted in Xanthia ‘accidently’ elbowing her in the face. Mir went to help by pinching her nose, unfortunately he also took the opportunity to help himself to her rear which resulted in a large slap.

The party coninues…..


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